Oxnard police shot and killed an innocent unarmed 21 year old bystander, Alfonso Limon, who was on his way home with his brother, after jogging at a local school, during a shootout with two young men attempting to escape from the police who claimed that the men along with a third were uncooperative during an automobile stop.

Oxnard police officers attempted to stop a vehicle with three young Hispanic men, Jose Zepada, Raphael Hernandez, and Justin Villa in it. Initially the driver of the vehicle refused to stop. Eventually, according to the Oxnard police the vehicle came to a stop but the men in the car refused to follow police instructions. After ten minutes the vehicle sped away. A short time later it came to a stop. Hernandez surrendered. Zepeda and Villa ran. A gun battle developed between the two men and nine police officers. For an unstated reason, (but let me guess: Limon is young male and Hispanic. Do we need to know more?) the police suspected Limon and started shooting at him. He received multiple wounds and died on the scene.

Zepeda was also killed and Villa was injured.

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