Jerry Sandusky the former Penn State assistant football coach who was convicted of 45 counts of child molestation and sentenced to an indeterminant term of 30 to 60 years at 68 years old.

After he was sentenced he was housed at a holding facility at Camp Hill near Harrisburg for evaluation until the Department of Corrections could decide on permanent housing for him. They have now decided to place him in the maximum security State Correctional Institution in Greene County. This so-called Supermax prison is high security and houses most of Pennsylvania’s death row prisoners.

While at the State Correctional Institution he will be housed in in protective custody in a single cell with very little contact with other prisoners at the institution. He will be confined to his cell between 22 and 23 hours everyday. He will eat his meals in his cell and any religious or counselling services will be non-contact and will be provided through a window in the cell. He will be allowed one visit per week from his family. He will be allowed out of his cell with an escort five times per week for exercise and three times per week to take a shower.

While this may seem like cruel and unusual punishment the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections says the protective custody is necessary to protect Sandusky’s life. Child molesters are considered the low of the low buy inmates in the state prison system. As such without the protective custody Sandusky would be subjects to attack from other prisoners. Considering his age he might be unable to protect himself from attacks. Another category of prisoners subject to harassment from other prisoners are those, like Sandusky, who are well known. Some prisoners like to get notoriety by harassing or kill Sandusky.

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